Protingas Robotas Dulkių siurblys Šlapias ir Sausas valymas, MOP, Vandens Rezervuaras, HEPA Filtras,Ciff Jutiklis,Savarankiškai Imti ROBOTAS ASPIRADOR


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Žymos: cleaner robotas dulkių, xiaomi dreame t20, namų smart, dulkių siurblys viomi, robotas žaislas, neatsvor, valymo robotas cleaner, jimmy dulkių siurblys, robotock, grindų mop.

  • Įrengimas: robotas
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: DANGUS Svajonė
  • Laiko Rezervacija: Taip
  • Galia (W): 21-30W
  • Baterijos Veikimo Trukmė: 2 valandos
  • Modelio Numeris: V5S
  • Nuotolinio Valdymo Pultas: Taip
  • Įtampa (V): 24V
  • Funkcija: Mopping & Valymo & Siurbimo Tipas
Boldyreva 65
How did I not buy it before? I have a large apartment and a lot of furniture on my legs, the robot saves. How much work I don't know. After General, high-quality cleaning with a professional vacuum cleaner and washing floors, he again collects a container of dust. I have almost no carpets and no animals, and the container is full. I'm shocked. collects excellent dust-powder, not just garbage. Full impression, That the apartment is not cleaned, and then it's not. The housekeeper is removed to shine. And I have mostly tiles, not parquet. When others put pictures of trash, I thought people were cleaning up badly, and then I saw my cleaning. On Photo trash for several days in a row. Where does he find him? It's like it's never been cleaned. I advise everyone 7 model that remembers the problem areas of the apartment. This model is constantly stuck in chairs from Ikea, which have the legs of the cavity.
Opera Pr
Ramon 2000
Wonderful! A best shopping I made.
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